Wyoming Roads 

“Magnificently eclectic, infectiously engaging…” “Five vital, zestful originals and fresh, outside the box arrangements of four familiar standards with a quartet featuring L.A. stalwarts Rob Kyle (sax and flute), Hussain Jiffry (bass) and Kevin Winard (drums and percussion).” - Jonathan Widran/JW Vibe

Wyoming Roads … is a most enjoyable album offered by a very fine musician and composer and his very talented posse. Edwards' piano chops are tasteful and subtly intense, yet highly lyrical and playful.” - Nicholas F. Mondello/All About Jazz

“Chad Edwards offers us an easy listening jazz album, showcasing his sensitive piano playing, his composer skills, and a back-up band featuring some of Southern California’s finest players. An original Edwards composition called ‘Azure Sky, Sapphire Sea’ is a lovely tune that twists and turns like waves on the Pacific Ocean, and quickly becomes one of my favorite compositions on this album.” - Dee Dee McNeil/Making a Scene

Wyoming Roads is an eclectic album, featuring some of Southern California's best musicians whom Edwards chose after doing several live concerts with them. He wanted to capture that live performance feeling on this recording and showcases their skills beautifully, both individually and collectively.” Jose Ramon/La Habitacion del Jazz (The Jazz Room-Spain) 


The disc, all originals by Edwards except for a pair of classic jazz standards, is one of my favorite releases this year. A serendipitous pairing of rhythm and melody by an intuitive quartet of players, it is small-group jazz at its finest, relaxed yet cooking. - Paul Anderson/LA Times